Lonely Are The Brave – Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre‘Lonely Are The Brave’ is a modern groove of trumpets, solid beats, and honest, purposeful lyrics. Maverick Sabre, or better known as Michael Stafford to his passport, released his debut album after moving back to London from Ireland, under the divine instruction of singer/rapper Plan B.  In similar tunes to Plan B’s releases, ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ however still retains Sabre’s Irish folk story-telling roots; reflecting on relationships, the unknowns in life, and the state of society. The album is an impressive start to a foreseeable Adele-esque explosion of success, with first track ‘I Need’ being written by Sabre when he was just 15-years-old: purely created talent right from the heartache of his teenage years.

Sabre’s impressive vocals have a soulful lament on tracks ‘I Can Never Be’ and ‘I Don’t See The Sun’, reflecting the emotional wounds he soothes in his lyrics. ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ is no less than a perfect mix of folk and strong, soul-aching piano; revealing the most vulnerable, emotional parts of Sabre’s story, with beautiful vocals throughout. The energetic and powerful track, ‘Running Away’ is perfected with a catchy R&B beat, which comfortably clashes with the fearful impulses in the lyrics. Maverick Sabre has created an album with a wide variety of styles; R&B beats mixing with electronic organ echoes, and trumpets colliding with electric guitar, making for an excellent, completely enjoyable album. ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ calls out a profound message: sometimes you have to be brave to be able to deal with life’s struggles; loneliness, injustice, and the feeling of no control, and listening to it gives you a feeling of relief, the cathartic lyrics being accessible for a society in uncertain times.

Surprisingly, the one track that will grow on you more than most is the live version of ‘They Found Him A Gun’ featured on the album. Many bands and artists are, to put it bluntly, let-downs when performing live, but Maverick Sabre exudes an expressive honesty that creates a personal bond with the audience. ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ is a true folk rendition of one man’s life, a man that is destined for the highest acclaims.

Maverick Sabre Official Website: http://www.mavericksabre.com/
‘Lonely Are The Brave’on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/lonely-are-the-brave/id497713430


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