Bigtopp @ The Joiners, Southampton (23/03/13)

Bigtopp live

Bigtopp were in high spirits for their album launch gig, as they skanked and bounced through their songs with contagious enthusiasm. The entire 8-piece band, complete with impressive saxophone and trombone section were clad in the classic braces and sharp suits of Ska bands gone by, undeniably keeping the vein of Ska alive in modern times.

Tracks such as ‘No Doubts’ and ‘Maestro’, which are taken from their debut album, were great upbeat performances, with a refreshing enthusiasm that made the whole set a fun, intimate gathering with a proper roots feel to it. The latter track, having an almost Mexican Mariachi band vibe to it, only aided Bigtopp in their obvious enjoyment of playing together and playing to a crowd.

A genuine feel good Ska band, Bigtopp evidently put all their energy into the set, with vocalist James ‘PM’ Parsons joining the crowd at one point to pull off some classic Ska moves with crowd members. Musically the band effortlessly mixes reggae and Ska with an almost jazz groove and bass drum heavy beats, which were perfect for some old fashioned moonstomping.

Bigtopp truly brought back the proper spirit of Ska music, and the night was a prime example of the unrestrained enjoyment that great live performances are centred on. One track, aptly named ‘Good Times’, epitomised the whole night, a simple pleasure of a song that showed the pride and enjoyment that Bigtopp have experienced, feelings which they put into the night’s performance with great results.

Official Bigtopp Facebook page:

Bigtopp debut album ‘Mischief’ available for purchase:


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