Gomo – Fishcow Studios (PC)

GomoA short and sweet point & click game, with a quirky, 2D Tim Burton feel. The debut game from Slovakian developers ‘Fishcow Studios’, Gomo is a great steading to start on, and shows the talent that could come from ‘Fishcow Studios’ in the future.

The fun and challenging game follows the sack-boy styled character Gomo on his search for his beloved dog, Dingo, who has been cruelly kidnapped by an alien. By completing puzzles and fixing all manner of machines, you must navigate Gomo to a crystal, the ransom for his sack-dog.

The game itself is interesting, and caters to all levels of puzzle-solvers, with an “easy” mode for those who could easily end up throwing their pc across the room otherwise. There is a good mixture of object based puzzles, as well as simple point and click elements. Whilst some of the puzzles take longer than would be hoped to even figure out what is needed to be done, and there are even some that you have to just fiddle with until they work, Gomo is largely a creative and exciting game.

Travelling through many different locations, the background is always amusing, from satirical army posters in the testing bunkers, to a stick man reaching the top of a mountain, then sliding back down. In-keeping with the quirky-traveller style of Gomo’s character, his body has a back zip to solve the omnipresent problem for all game characters, what happens when you pick up more things than you can hold? The whole style of the game has a very hand-drawn and honest indie feel to it, but the story and gameplay are as refined as you would find in any major puzzle games.

To some audiences, the non-verbal style of that game may be increasingly annoying, as being stuck on the same puzzle for five minutes makes the music a little grating, but satisfaction of finally understanding a puzzle makes it worth the struggle.

Despite being a quick play-through, Gomo challenges and amuses, with an endearing design, traditionally repetitive music, as well as some humorous “WTF” moments to be had in alternate dimensions. Fishcow Studios have created a game for all levels of puzzle-solving gamers on the quest for a sack’s best friend.

Originally featured on Electric Banana:http://www.electric-banana.co.uk/culture/best-games/gomo/


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