Race The Sun – Flippfly LLC (PC)

Race The SunRace The Sun will test your co-ordination, your reflexes, and how long you can go without blinking. This suped-up version of Cube Runner has been released by Flippfly LLC, and is a challenging, if not a little frustrating game that leaves you saying: “just one more try”, after smashing into the same wall three times.

Minimalist in its design and advanced in its range of objectives and rewards, Race The Sun tests players’ abilities to navigate a minefield of shapes and structures at an increasingly high speed. The aim of this arcade-style game is to literally race the sun in a solar powered craft, avoiding the shadows cast by clouds and blocks, whilst collecting tri’s to increase your score. The game also offers bonuses to travel faster that the setting sun, pushing it higher into the sky and prolonging the inevitable doom.
Whilst Race The Sun can quickly become frustrating, Flippfly LLC have created incentives to keep players interested in this exciting game. Completing the objectives allows you to level up, which in turn gives you bonuses such as jump abilities for when your reflexes aren’t quite quick enough, and warp portals to take you to a strange space-like dimension.

If the original campaign becomes too infuriating, or even too easy, Race The Sun also features a world editor, in which players can create their own infinite worlds for their friends to try, and Flippfly LLC also pick a world of the week as created by a player, which then becomes part of the game. Further to this, Race The Sun is not strictly single-player. When you unsurprisingly crash on a run, you have the ability to share you progress with other players, who join your team and can then continue your run, with your cumulative team score being placed on a team leader board, allowing you to see where you and your friends rank in the Race The Sun community.

Race The SunOne of the most champion-able aspects of Race The Sun is its constantly updated map, which keeps what could easily become a stale and repetitive game an addictive and enjoyable experience. Whilst the world editor adds a higher level of personalisation to the game, it is rather difficult to understand the meanings of different parameters and properlymaster the whole process. Despite this, Race The Sun is a highly addictive and challenging game, and Flippfly LLC have made an impressive game from a simple concept.

Originally featured on Electric Banana:http://www.electric-banana.co.uk/culture/best-games/race-the-sun/


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