Divinity: Original Sin – Larian Studios (PC) PREVIEW

divinity-3-original-sin-couple-love-artwork-670x582A role-playing RTS from Larian Studios that is still in its alpha stage, but has more to offer in terms of gameplay and graphics than many games in their beta stage, naming no names of course…Kerbal Space Program.

In single-player you create a duo of characters to control, with the ability to change character traits and their fighting forte, such as Ranger or Wizard, in turn affecting their strengths and special abilities. You are then plunged into a beautifully sunny world with the objective to meet a wizard and discuss a noble-man’s murder, in turn finding out about the monster plagued city of Cyseal. Initially there is some confusion due to a lack of tutorial, and after a while of inspecting shells you come across a group of angry crabs which you must defeat, a task which feels a lot more difficult than killing a few crabs should.

An interesting aspect of this game is the free roaming ability whilst not in combat. For players who are compelled to open every crate and barrel possible the game offers this in spades, as well as the option to run around and talk to every villager and Imperial you come across. When the time comes for combat, Divinity: Original Sin provides a solid turn based structure, which also incorporates any NPCs that will fight by your side. Apart from crabs, the threat of orcs and the undead provide different paths to take within the game.

The fact that Divinity: Original Sin is still in its alpha stage has not stopped Larian Studios from creating an impressive landscape for the game and an attention to detail with NPCs and storyline. The accompanying music is surprisingly beautiful, and holds the style of medieval music well, and minimises the annoyance of small camera bugs or other in progress areas. The inclusion of co-op and multi-player provide a fun dynamic to the strategy aspect of the game, and allow you to solve the murders and fight the many beasts as a team.

Divinity Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin holds the potential to become a very immersive and exciting game, with a whole host of quests to undertake, characters to meet and buildings to explore. Highlights of the alpha version are the beautiful landscapes to encounter, and the funny situations to encounter after failing to sneak into someone’s house, and be confronted with a very disgruntled woman in a bath. Divinity: Original Sin is a game to watch, as it could easily do spectacularly once complete.


Words by Louise Egan


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