Kate Tempest – Everybody Down

KT-SquareKate Tempest is a rare phenomenon in the form of a poet rapper. Starting out when she was 16, rapping at strangers on night busses and pestering mc’s to let her on the mic at raves, transforming ten short years later to a published playwright, poet and respected recording artist. Having previously featured on tracks with Sinead O Connor, Bastille, King Blues, Damien Dempsey, Pink Punk, and Landslide, ‘Everybody Down’ is the second studio album from Kate Tempest and seems to do nothing but squander her creative talent.

Opening track ‘Marshall Law’ prepares the listener for the entirety of the album in that every track bears a disappointing similarity to the last. Tempests mature and often challenging lyrics showcase her talent in other forms of poetry and writing, but mindboggling and repetitive lyrics such as those found in “The Truth” suggest that Tempest should stick to other form of expression. The saving grace of the album arrives in ‘Lonely Daze’ with its comparatively interesting beat, whilst track “The Beigeness” forewarns the listener of the generic feel of Everybody Down.

Rapping may be Kate Tempest’s first love, but her lyrical style takes the form of the far too clichéd London hard-life content, ‘Everybody Down’ sounds much too like EVE if she rolled out of bed on a Monday morning in dire need of a Red Bull.

Words by Louise Egan


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