Quantic – Magnetica

quantic-magnetica‘Magnetica’ is the first album from Quantic as a solo project since 2006’s ‘An Announcement To Answer’ and showcases the influences and roads that Will “Quantic” Holland has taken since then. The album is an eclectic menagerie of folk, reggae, soul, highlife and the result of collaborations with many of the finest Latin American and Caribbean artists available to Quantic from his base of Colombia for the past seven years.

Opening track Magnetica is a sub-bass-heavy instrumental that truly summarises the album and sets the listener up for an album constantly morphing in its myriad styles. The electronic influences that stem from Quantic’s enthusiasm for the advances in technology linked to each of the musical worlds in which he dwells, underline the driving style of ‘Magnetica’

Each track brims with the energy of its genre influences; the vibrant Latin American and Spanish styles found in tracks “Descarga Cúantica” and the exotic nature of Hispanic vocals from Colombian singer Nidia Góngora in “La Plata” are complimented by laid back beats best served in the sunshine.

From the reggae influenced and expertly collaborated on tracks “Spark It” and “Caruru” to the laid back and poignant finale “Painting Silhouttes”, each track on ‘Magnetica’ serves as a souvenir of Quantic’s personal and musical experiences, and will serve as your soundtrack to an exciting and adventurous summer.

Words by Louise Egan


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