Goat Simulator – Coffee Stain Studios (PC)


A game that started life as a game physics playground for its developer’s employees, Goat Simulator has been the most successful release ever for the developers, Coffee Stain Studios. Goat Simulator is described as the “frontier in goat simulation”, but really it is a game made in equal measures of random and hilarious, catering to the gamers who know their memes and have a YouTube subscription list as long as their Steam library.

The aim of the game is to frolic around a rural town as a goat, jumping on trampolines and head-butting anything and everything to get the biggest score. A whole host of achievements are obtainable to keep you entertained, because eventually head-butting and jumping on mattresses for no reason can get a bit stale. The physics engine used by the game is very entertaining, with the ability to head-butt crates half way across the map and being able to ragdoll allowing for some hilarious runs down waterslides and some incredible big-air flailing.

In a similar way to goats eating just about anything, your goat has the ability to lick anything and have it stick to its tongue. From bicycles to axes you can create mayhem by doing a box step with your goat and letting the physics engine do the work. Particular hilarity ensues when your tongue sticks to a car doing doughnuts in a field, catapulting you in similar doughnutty fashion towards a group of humans who must be stricken down by headbutting or a weaponised tongue or even a giant boulder.

The achievements in-game act like a long list of private jokes between players, and with so much to explore there will always be new goat accessories to discover, such as a rocket or goat skull given to you when you become king of all the goats. As forewarned by the developers, very little has been changed from the program used by trainee developers to get used to the physics engine, leaving much to be desired by players. The lack of any multiplayer format leaves you feeling a little lonely sometimes, hungering to create a merry band of goats to wreak havoc on the human race. Whilst some of the bugs that have been left in the game are amusing some just crash the game, and after getting an achievement for it having to restart the game can ruin the fun-factor slightly.

An easy to play and a necessity to witness game, Goat Simulator is truly what the gaming community wants, and thank the gaming lord they don’t get to pick all the time. Glitchy and funny like all the best games, you didn’t know how much you wanted to be a goat until you started playing the incredible Goat Simulator.

10/10 would head-butt again.

Words by Louise Egan


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