Hellraid gets new engine, updates and an exciting trailer


Hellraid is the upcoming dark fantasy action game from the company behind Dying Light, Dead Island and Call of Juarez. Techland has announced that this slasher game will run on a new engine, the Chrome Engine 6, with the game itself having undergone an overhaul allowing for Hellraid’s release on next-gen consoles as well as the PC release, with Steam Early Access planned for Autumn 2014, and the full release in 2015.

Since its reveal at E3 last year, Hellraid has expanded and evolved thanks to the developers’ experience and players’ feedback. The game will remain faithful to its first-person co-op slasher gameplay style, however improvements from Techland have included new features and technology, which can be seen in the new trailer for the game, released today:

Hellraid offers three different game modes: Story Mode lets players explore the world and try to repel forces of Hell through quests and battles. The highly-replayable Mission Mode will put more focus on arcade-style fun of climbing up leaderboards, creating the longest combos and beating high scores. A completely new Arena Mode will offer survival gameplay with waves of demonic hordes to fend off. All these modes will be available in both single-player and 2-4 players co-op.

Not only are there a variety of game modes to try, players will be able to create and customise their characters with armor, clothes, and accessories. With a class-free skill tree Hellraid will let you create a demon slayer that suits your play style.

Techland has also improved the game’s combat system, featuring one- and two-handed melee weapons, shields, magic staves and ranged weapons. The combat experience is furthermore enhanced by weapon crafting, interactive environments, destructible objects and environmental traps, as well as challenging and adaptive enemy AI.

Words by Louise Egan


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