Democracy 3 gets ‘Extremism’ DLC

Positech have released a trailer for the new DLC, ‘Extremism’ for the game Democracy 3. ‘Extremism’ offers 33 new situations and policies to implement when running the government requires a tough hand.

Democracy 3 lets you take control of the government and tests if you could really do better than the current government. Make changes to the economy, benefits, the environment and laws on drugs in the hope of making the voting populous happy so they will keep you in power. ‘Extremism’ lets you make more radical changes to people’s lives such as banning private education, making politicians swear a religious oath, or perhaps you will even condone torture.

See how far you can go with extremism and still keep your voters happy. Well, as happy as they can be when people are being tortured.

Democracy 3 and the DLC ‘Extremism’ is available via Positech Games, Steam and

Words by Louise Egan


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