EVE Online to be historically documented

Eve Online is set to enter the history books, well, their own one. The hugely popular and decade running MMO game is having a comprehensive history book documenting its battles, scandals and dramas created.

After exceeding a Kickstarter campaign project of $12,500, instead raising $95,729 in 30 days, the book’s creators are now able to create a $50 hardcover coffee table book with the design being taken care of by an individual whose previous credits include the very successful Cards Against Humanity game.

During Eve Online’s 10-year lifespan there have been mindblowing battles, community shocking scandals and players testing the power of the servers. Events such as the time $200,000 worth of damage was done in a virtual battle, the time an in-game bank CEO stole other player’s money, as well as the passionate Eve Online community who have set the standard and shown the true power for other online groups will no doubt be documented in this history book for a well loved and well played MMO.

Words by Louise Egan


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